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Hi Fellow Internet Marketer,

We all know that having a multiple stream of residual income is the closest way to riches.

`Online business is ruled by numbers and mostly by multiplication. `

My name is Ross Dalangin, a software developer and a entrepreneur since 1991. I love programming and do business on my own. My favorite subject when I was in school is Mathematics.

When I was in college, I won several programming competitions and was awarded the best in Computer Programming, Best in Computer Laboratory, Director `s Choice Award, Most Innovative Program and Most Creative Program.

Why do I need to say it? It `s because in the Internet you need to keep the best system or tool to run your business and focus on numbers by multiplying the system that gives you more money.

`My System Will Be Your System `

Introducing The Best Membership Script

Best Membership Script is an automated membership script with so many features/modules that you can setup in minutes.

With BMS (Best Membership Script) you can run your own newsletter subscription business, graphic templates membership, wordpress template membership, health related membership that gives digital downloads like ebooks or articles, software or ebooks membership sites and any other niches that gives digital downloads or access to your site.

Here `s the Math?

Imagine having 5000 members that gives you $1 only each of them monthly means $5,000 monthly in just one membership site.

Yeah, that ` correct! Just charge them $1 only for 5000 members will mean $5,000 monthly income.

Suppose you charge them a measly $27 and have only 1000 members, this means $27,000 monthly income.

It `s very easy to get members if you can provide quality products or contents to your members plus giving them the opportunity to be a member in an affordable investment.

You will agree to me that 5000 members is very easy to get if your membership site is only $1 a month. Agree? Of course you will.

How if you will offer it FREE? It `s another story and means robust mailing list and robust mailing list means big bucks. Just send an offer to your list and even only certain percentage can grab or buy on your offer it is still big bucks.

What ever you can do with your membership site, either free or paid, you can still earn through other way around.

Of course you will ask, 5000 members are not easy to achieve in a month to make a monthly $27,000. It `s up to your effort, as I said, online business is ruled by numbers. Let say you can get a daily three members only, this means 1080 in one year and it means after a year you can have 1080 that pays you $27 which mean $29,160 monthly after a year.

The next question would be how many membership sites you can create? Oh, it `s up to you on how much you want.

If you will say that, what the heck, I am not an expert in any niche. My answer : Outsource it. Outsource everything as much as you can.


One of the great things about starting a membership site is you can take your hobby, specialized knowledge or profession and turn it into a profitable business.

4 Awesome Reasons To Start Your Very Own Membership Site!

You can easily prove your credibility and expertise to your members through creative use of membership sites.
You can make residual income from your membership site by charging a periodical fee (i.e. monthly, annually) for your members to subscribe to your membership service.
With your reputation built among your members, you can instill a positive influence over your members when it comes to sharing an expert opinion... or even buying more from you!
Find your Inbox flooded with Joint Venture proposals and exclusive business opportunities - you can now have the luxury of picking and choosing who to work with because other marketers now value your influence and marketing power!

Given some positive advantages and benefits, starting your own membership site can prove to be the best decision you - or any Infopreneur - can ever make.

Here are the features YOU  Would Like to SEE:

Easy To Setup - Just follow the simple installation process and user-friendly administrative handbook and add your content then start marketing. (Installation and Administrative Area Handbook is included).

Fully Automated - Once it is setup, all are automatic.

One-Time-Offer - This OTO or One-Time-Offer is built-in and you can add it into different membership types. It means different membership types can have different one-time-offer. One-time-offer is a backend sale strategy to get more orders from the same customer. This feature can be enabled or disabled.

Can Offer Free and/or Paid Membership Types - You can offer unlimited free and paid membership types with their own downloads, links and other custom pages you want to display.

Secured Downloads - Downloads are password protected and your members can `t see the exact filenames of your contents. Your files are hidden to your members and can only be accessible if they know your FTP account.

Can Be Used To Wordpress, Other Blogs, Forums And Other Websites That Use PHP -You can use this script to websites that use PHP to charge your users to view it. Yes, that `s right. All you have to do is to add 4 lines of codes in your website and it will be password protected and can only be accessible if they are member of your membership site.

These Are Just Teasers

Built-In Affiliate Module - With this built-in module, you can share a certain percentage to your affiliates in promoting your membership site. And it means, you will not be alone promoting your membership site(s).

Templates Management - You can easily change the look and feel of your membership site. Changing the color or header can make a big impact and how if you can change or modify the whole design? That means Tsunami. J

Database Backup Manager - You can backup your database every time you want.

Mass Private Messaging - You can send private message to all your members in just a click of your mouse.

Mass Mailer - You can send messages to your members and/or affiliates in the date you will specify or send it ASAP after you type your email message.

Change The Email Messages

Affiliate Account Deleted By Admin

Email sent out to the affiliate when you enter a reason on the box when deleting an affiliate account thru the administrative area.

Affiliate Email Verification Link

Email sent to affiliates when they create their new account (or change the email address on file).

Affiliate Login Information Requested

Email sent to affiliates when they request their login information thru the automated lost password recovery feature.

Email Verification Link

Email sent to members when they create their new account (or change the email address on file).

List Subscribe Email Verification Link

Email sent to new subscribers of your lists when they create their new subscription (or change the email address on file).

List Unsubscribe Email Verification Link

Email sent to subscribers of your lists when they request to unsubscribe from your list.

Login Information Requested

Email sent to members when they request their login information thru the automated lost password recovery feature.

Mass Mailer Email Footer

This will be attached at the end of the emails sent by the mass mailer system. If you will be sending HTML Emails make sure to format this on HTML as well.

Tell-A-Friend Information

Email sent out to people when visitors use the Tell-A-Friend built-in feature.

Your Account Is Now Active

Email sent to members once they have verified their email address if the `Verify Emails` option is enabled (set to on).




Announcing Your Awesome Fun Guide To Starting A Profitable Membership Site Of Your Own:

Membership Blueprint


60 Letter-Size Pages, PDF Format, Instant Download

FINALLY! If You`d Like To Become Part Of Today`s Growing, Hard-Hitting Infopreneurs, There`s No Better Way Than To Create Your Online Wealth Through Expert Membership Sites!

And that`s where my Membership Blueprint manual fits in. My manual eliminates all the guesswork and delivers *strictly* the meat to you when it comes to starting your own successful membership site for profits.

Join Me And Take A Look At What You`ll Discover Within The 60 Pages Of This Awesome Manual:

  • The 2 distinct types of profitable membership site models you can choose from,

  • The best membership software and scripts you can use to build your membership site hassle-free!

  • How to strategically choose your membership theme for maximum profit potential!

  • The seven (7) "must have" success keys to starting and running your profitable membership site! (Hint: your membership business is doom to fail if you lack any one or more of these success keys!)

  • How to start your FREE membership site in a simple step-by-step fashion - yet still make truckloads of cash from it! (Hint: There are at least 4 ways of making money from a free access membership site!)

  • How to run your PAID membership site in a hassle-free fashion and discover two (2) additional profit centers to your recurring income from members every month!

  • Five (5) amazing ways to get HIGH quality content for your membership site for FREE or low cost in ways you didn`t know so well!

  • How to build a powerful base of members for your site through this single most important technique!

  • The one hazard you should steer clear away from - this is one problem that has been responsible for shut downs and failures of most membership sites (and you`ll do well to avoid it!)

  • How to spread the word about your membership site like a virus and recruit members for you around the clock like a mad house - without extra effort on your part! No, this membership marketing technique has absolutely NOTHING to do with recruiting affiliates.

  • How to handle your growing members in a professional and simple fashion without increasing your customer support issues in the process!

  • The true mission of your membership site!

  • Top notch examples of membership sites throughout the Internet you can model after their success!

  • And so much more!

That`s Really Awesome,Imagine Having A Membership Script Plus A BONUS of MEMBERSHIP Blueprint...Isn`t it GREAT?


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So what are you waiting for?


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Ross Dalangin

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